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i rarely ever buy cards. until now. on the rare occasion that i needed one, i’ve found a perfect one on your rack. today, as i read all of them, i found myself thinking of people i could send them to because they are so great. -john h.

tremendous customer service which is nowadays very rare. thank you again. -kennedy l.

hurray for quotable cards! -angela w.

i received an amazing card produced by you, it has made my days and thoughts... very inspiring and meaningful. thank you for your mindfulness and insight. the world's great thinkers are those who make this world change and go round... a rare find in this fishy world that we live in. -kerensa j.

your cards are fantastic. i'm a quote lover and when i stumbled upon a rack of your merch, i fell in love and bought nine. some are old favorites, others are new discoveries; all of them will be huge in helping me through all the work i'll have in my upcoming senior year of high school. -daniel r.

i have never seen cards that are so awesome. - brooke k.

i love your cards and use them whenever possible. i give them to people as a pick-me-up or just because, and i also hang them on my walls to remind myself of the important things in life. thank you, and keep up the good work! -kerry q.

thank you so much for creating such a great product! the quotes you use are very inspiring to me. thank you also for making many of your products in the usa. you are helping to keep many americans employed. i already have a lot of your magnets and cards, and will continue to buy them for a long time to come. keep up the good work. -autumn l.

i love, love, love your cards and magnets! please keep going as a company. i am just so enthusiastic about your idea — your quotes inspire and delight. i want to share these great quotes with everyone! (my fridge is already plastered, but i always find room for more.) -martha t.

thank you for filling my walls, my home, and my life with words that push and encourage me daily. -apryl g.

i love these cards. so many inspiring, comforting, and wise bits of knowledge... i wish more people sent them to me... -sara b.

thank you for making an incredible product!!! i have been seeing your cards and magnets for a while now, and have been very touched by their messages. i think the business you do has a deep, if subtle effect on the way people think everyday. -steven l.

i love your cards! i realize now that i need to start buying two cards... one for me and one to send to a friend. i have difficulty giving cards away, as i consider each one a gift for myself! -ann b.

i love that you are lifting people's spirits around the world.  -jennifer a.

you have beautiful, touching products! - marilyn s.

i've been meaning to email you for years to tell you how much i appreciate the quotable cards. my absolute favorite is "dance love sing live" quote. i've sent it to everyone i know and even after reading it a million times, it still makes me feel good. what you do is genius!!! -jean r.

what a brilliant idea! i wish you much success, and thanks for spreading the good words!!!!!!!!!!!!! -cheryl l.

thank you for all you do. - allyson b.

i'm a huge fan of your quotable cards. i've always loved quotes and how there is so much meaning in one sentence or phrase, and i love how you use that to create simple but meaningful and beautiful cards. -melanie k.

greetings fellow optimists, i have always enjoyed your magnetic quotes and appreciate your efforts at raising the vibration of the planet to the fifth dimension of love. yours is a clear voice calling to those with ears to hear and eyes to see. i suspect you are visionaries ahead of your time. it was a different world when you started your adventure. - kae s.
thank you for making the card buying process so enjoyable and for giving me the ability to find ones that are simply perfect. -lisa j.

i love your cards, seriously. -sara c.

you must have the perfect quotation for any occasion. -darlene d.

we are big fans of quotable cards. we connect with your goal to provide high quality, inspirational products with a simple design. we appreciate your efforts an achievements. -michelle n.

i love quotable cards and products. my space at work is decorated with your cards and magnets to keep me motivated throughout the day (today, i count 3 magnets and 9 cards). -teresa e.

i love your cards. you can't imagine how many i have bought. keep 'em coming! -scott r.

i love your products, i'm a sentimental guy that is always sending cards. -james g.

i am such a fan, and have been for 10 years. i’m so happy to see your cards in more and more retailers, they really stand out. -david m.

i'm always enthralled by the carousels of captivating quotations in the most simple and profound designs. i'm writing to thank you for inspiring so many lives. keep quoting! - maria b.

thank you so much for spreading around timeless wisdom and inspiration. -martha m.

my life has been changed by your work and your words. -dee m.

spent a blissful 90 minutes, combing through your magnet selection to insure i snagged every. single. available. quote. and i did! all 37. -lindsay m.

i have been such a fan of quotable cards. they are unique, sophisticated but so real... quote a special combination. -connie c.

thank you for making such wonderful products. there is a lot of wisdom in the world! and you are helping to spread it. -jamie b.

simply put: i love your messages. the cards stop me in my running tracks of life, pause, breathe, and be touched! thank you. - susan f.

when i found your cards, i felt like a kid in a candy shop.. you have fabulous cards! i sent the link to my entire family! -carly t.

the simplicity of your design is as impressive as the power of your selected quotes; time spent perusing the rack was richly rewarded. -don s.

your mission to inspire and nurture others with quotations is awesome. i wish you continued success. -umi m.