"joy is not a trick" card – quotable

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"joy is not a trick" card



get lost. bruise your knees. keep going. watch a purple meadow quiver. get still. buy the hat. run out of gas. befriend strangers. knight yourself every morning for your newborn courage. drink whiskey beside a hundred-year-old cactus. honor everything. pray to something unnameable. reacquaint yourself with desire. remind yourself that joy is not a trick. - joy sullivan

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spread the words with quotable greeting cards. always meaningful, each card is perfect to give, keep, or display. choose from approximately 200 styles. pair with our black or white frames to feature your favorite one!

- 5" square blank greeting card with envelope
- extra postage required
- printed in the usa
- black or white frame add-on option available, click here for details

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