quotable story

quotable began in 1993 with a simple idea: to inspire as many people as possible. recent college grads gillian simon and matt fernandes-vogel knew there were people out there like themselves who wanted smart, simple cards that just weren't available at the time. they had an idea to quote great writers, artists, and thinkers and use their words as the foundation for the design, resulting in the original and incomparable typographical style of quotable. this remains the often imitated, never replicated look of the line to this day. what started as a line of 48 black+white cards has grown into a full and flourishing line of black+white and color cards, magnets, mugs, and a variety of other gift items.

quotable has always had a singular focus on producing high quality products that stand the test of time. eighteen years later, the line is as carefully crafted as ever. everything quotable still comes out of one room in new york city. though the room may have grown a bit bigger, and gillian and matt may have picked up a few employees along the way, quotable still operates with the care, ingenuity, and personal attention of the start up it once was.

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quotable audience

unlike other lines, quotable appeals to an incredibly diverse demographic. quotable products transcend the traditional boundaries of age, gender, and culture by appealing to people who expect more out of a greeting card and gift item: people who want to give and receive something meaningful.

our products can be found in a variety of shops, from general gift and book stores to food markets and cafes, and so many places in between.

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quotable products

quotable now designs, manufactures, and distributes the following:

  • greeting cards
  • address books
  • anniversary book
  • calendars
  • candles
  • canvas
  • everyday box sets
  • everything dishes
  • frames
  • journals
  • magnets
  • matchboxes
  • mugs
  • napkins
  • pouches
  • stickers
  • tote bags

quotable international

quotable cards are now distributed and sold throughout the world. countries include:

  • united states
  • australia
  • bahrain
  • belgium
  • bermuda
  • canada
  • cayman islands
  • dominican republic
  • greece
  • france
  • honduras
  • hong kong, china
  • ireland
  • italy
  • jamaica west indies
  • kuwait
  • mexico
  • new zealand
  • nigeria
  • panama
  • philippines
  • saudi arabia
  • singapore
  • south korea
  • spain & canary islands
  • st. kitts & nevis
  • st. maarten
  • trinidad & tobago
  • turkey
  • united arab emirates
  • united kingdom
  • virgin islands
  • west indies

quotable specs

  1. quotable may be known for its signature black+white style, but it’s green, too! all quotable cards and envelopes are printed in the usa on 100% post-consumer recycled paper using vegetable based inks.
  2. factoids the back of each quotable card contains a factoid with a bit of information related to the quote or author that is guaranteed to make you think, smile, or learn something new!


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